Excerpt from the book, "Ol' Blue Eyes and My Fickle Fate" - a memoir by Ray Rappa


"A Day In The Life of a Fool", the song continues, and he's singing it to me only, or at least in my melancholy state of mind, he was, but hey, there he is, "OL' BLUE EYES", The Chairman of the Board, standing twenty feet directly in front of me recording the beautiful Bossa Nova ballad from the movie, "Black Orpheus".  My childhood idol staring at me occasionally through those magnificent deep blue orbs.  How could a moment like this possibly be happening to me?  Frank Sinatra doesn't even know who I am, and I'm sitting directly in his line of vision as he's recording a record for posterity, no less, but this is not a dream, and I'll explain..."

  • Come Rain or Come Shine4:26
  • A Taste of Honey3:08
  • Fickle Finger of Fate2:51
  • I Discovered You2:07
  • I Could write a Book2:16
  • What Are You Afraid Of?3:09
  • Fly Me to the Moon2:25
  • Time After Time4:32

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  Ray wishes you a Merry Little Christmas.             

      Written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane.

                  Frank Sinatra sang this song with modified lyrics. 

      Judy Garland introduced this song in the 1944 MGM musical,

     "Meet Me in St. Louis"            

‚Äč "The House I Live In", Ray sings this tribute to Frank Sinatra from the 1945 film, "The House I Live In" listen to Ray explain the  circumstances that this piece of music had on his life...

Ray Rappa reunites with Quincy Jones

  • Both Sides Now3:19
  • Send in the Clowns2:37
  • Love Me Tender3:05
  • The House I Live In5:05



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z'         "A Taste of Honey"

   Written by Bobby Scott and Rick Marlow, written for the 1960 Broadway version of 1958 English play, used in 1961  movie, "A Taste of Honey".


  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas3:31

Ray Rappa in studio, early 1960's.

Ray Rappa on the Bonnie Sher Show with Mike Barry. 

   "The House I Live In",  Lyrics by Abel Meeropol, music by Earl Robinson, 1943.

Frank Sinatra - Sketch by C. Maglaras

Excerpt from the book, "Ol' Blue Eyes and My Fickle Fate" - a memoir by Ray Rappa


"Back when I first met Quincy Jones, he had just
become the artist and repertoire man for Mercury Records.  We talked about some song material to record..."

In this entertaining memoir, Ray Rappa shares his stories of a life guided by fate, rather than a dream to reach a particular goal in life.  From Rhode Island to California, New York, Canada and in-between, a storied memoir of a young man who observed and participated in the many facets of life experiences and gained the street-wise knowledge to survive the twists and turns life presented to him.  He captivates us with stories of success, failure, values, philosophy, passions, loves, and mostly with his music which he embraces to this day, all part of...

"Ol' Blue Eyes and My Fickle Fate".


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We invite you to listen to some music mentioned in Ray Rappa's memoir,

             "Ol' Blue Eyes and My Fickle Fate"

  Ray sang , "Time Waits For No One" , with the USAF band when he was 21 years old.

  Written by Helen Forest from the  1944 movie, "Shine On Harvest Moon".

                     Listen as Ray sings, as his choice, A Capella on these recent recordings for you:

   "Both Sides Now",  written by Joni Mitchell, March of 1967.

   "Send In The Clowns" , written by Stephen Sondheim for the 1973 musical, "A Little Night Music".

   "Love Me Tender",The words and music are credited to Elvis Presley and Ken Darby, (under his wife's name, Vera Matson ).

  • Track 72:18